Friday, February 28, 2014

Bitcoins: A real Bad Idea

Here's something I wrote that's a bit less on the subject of this blog but I felt I should share my thoughts on Bitcoin after reading this article:

Bitcoins are a real bad idea. Remove all banking and currency regulation and safeguards, and do the whole thing on the open Internet. What could possibly go wrong? I mean, national currencies get manipulated some, but rich and powerful people in charge of national currencies have a vested interest in not having the money become worthless, either severe inflation or deflation (see: Pre-Hitler Germany for an example of what happens to a country when that happens); so ever since they figured out how to do it more or less properly after some hard lessons that led to the Great Depression and WWII, it's been a lot better than an unregulated alternative.

Of course, bitcoins are good for purchasing things that you don't want to be associated with yourself, but unless you're an online dope dealer or arms trader, it's really not a good idea, and I predicted (to myself) that stuff like this would happen; which is why I avoided spreading news of Bitcoins even though I saw it a lot - I didn't want to even give it the dignity of exposure; even though some hackers thought the idea of money that was entirely virtual was "cool" or something. (Hint, the money in your bank account is virtual too, and insured, that's a lot cooler.)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Insights into Google's mobile strategy

Anandtech has not only reviewed ICS in this video, they explain in detail Google's mobile strategy.